Wolfbat Railway: Omaha, NE April 8th 2011

Omaha is known as the "Gate City of the West" because it is where Union Pacific Railroad built started the first transcontinental railroad making it a major hub leading west by train. For the my visit to the Univeristy of Nebraska, Omaha we launched the first ever Wolfbat Railway. I built a print covered train steam engine and all the students made cowboy hats. On the last day we paraded the train to the new business center where it will live...... (and the damn wheel popped off as we were heading into the lot. Thanks for fixing it David) Thanks Gary and Thank you to all the awesome UNO students.


The Chupakabra Clan of the Wolfbat and the Jackalope Hit Odessa, Texas April 14th 2011

University of Texas visit... The Chupakabra have joined with the Wolfbat in order to track the Jackalope and reclaim their territories in west Texas. The Jackalpoe have come down from Wyoming and have been over breeding the lands and pushing the Chupakabra out. Once the head Jackalope heard the Chupakabra had put a hit out for his life he fled. Unknowingly the travel agent booking his flight to Stonehenge was actually working for the Wolfbat and booked the flight to the Stonehenge replica in Odessa, TX where the clan are awaiting his arrival. Check the video. Thanks Mario and thank you UTPB students. You guys rule.


Lubbock, TX ..Scout Mission Lubbock Lights and the Second Visit From Planet Wolfbat, April 12th 2011

In Lubbock, TX 1951 there were some of the most credible UFO sitings ever reported. Little did this small town know that this was a scout mission sent down from Planet Wolfbat to invade the Free Speech Zone at Texas Tech and free the minds of zombified humans in the area. Thanks Stacy and Texas Tech Students for making alien helmets and helping to land our Wolfbat space Vessel.