Year of the Wolfbat!!

Dear Friends, Family, Cohorts, and Acquaintances,
I’d like to announce a traveling exhibition called Year of The Wolfbat! I will be trekking across the U.S. from New York to the west coast beginning in July. I have a couple of shows and works shops along the way.

Leopards with serpent tails, Goat heads wrapped in snakes, angry beasts, Eagles fighting snakes, bats and WOLFBATS!!!!

Wood carvings, collages and prints …. Sizes range from 4 foot by 8 foot tapestry size woodcuts to smaller 8" x 11" lino-cut prints...... and print prices ranging from $1500 to $10. Also on view will be masks and sculptures. Hope you can make it out!!

If you’d like to have a one night show or visit added just email me at mcnett@howlingprint.com

Frogmans, South Dakoata, July 5th-12th, one week mask and sculpture making workshop

Fecal Face Dot Gallery, San Francisco,CA opening July 18th 7pm-10pm and 19th 12-4pm (weekend show only)

Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA opening August 8th 7pm-10pm and the 9th from 12pm-4pm (weekend show only)

Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA October 2nd (installation up for the month of October)


Dirty Pilot book release, Chicago happening, flatstock, Wolfbat...

Hello. There are a couple of new things happening/happened this month.
Dirtypilot has released a new book called "Year One Rewind" I have a couple pages along with several other artists.

These masks and images were from a happening/performance in Chicago at the SGC conference. I made several masks and and used some from the Deitch parade. Tamara Waite-Santibanez made 3 smock-like costumes with printed patterns for the 3 new death masks. Florence Gidez made costumes for the wolf, owl and gown for the Saint of Death. More photos can be seen HERE.