Wolfbat Open Studio

Wolfbat Holiday Open Studio Sat. Dec 10th 12-6pm
Hello from Wolfbat!
We are having a holiday open studio next Saturday Dec. 10th from 12pm-6pm. All prints in the studio will be sold at a discount for the holiday seasons. Prints range from $10 to $150. There will be food and drinks. So if you've never visited, need a print gift for someone, or just want to come have a snack and see the space come on down. If you can't make Saturday and would like to come by another day or time just email me to set up a day and time.
Hope you are all well,
Wolfbat McWolfbat


The Wolfbat Castle of Elgin ...Sept. 2011

The Wolfbat army continues to grow. As its brothers and sisters move west from Brooklyn and sprout up through the midwest and west coast of North America there has been a need for a Wolfbat resting stop. Elgin, Illinois is the new home of the first Wolfbat Castle. Thank you Joel, Ed, and ECC.



Wolfbat Railway: Omaha, NE April 8th 2011

Omaha is known as the "Gate City of the West" because it is where Union Pacific Railroad built started the first transcontinental railroad making it a major hub leading west by train. For the my visit to the Univeristy of Nebraska, Omaha we launched the first ever Wolfbat Railway. I built a print covered train steam engine and all the students made cowboy hats. On the last day we paraded the train to the new business center where it will live...... (and the damn wheel popped off as we were heading into the lot. Thanks for fixing it David) Thanks Gary and Thank you to all the awesome UNO students.


The Chupakabra Clan of the Wolfbat and the Jackalope Hit Odessa, Texas April 14th 2011

University of Texas visit... The Chupakabra have joined with the Wolfbat in order to track the Jackalope and reclaim their territories in west Texas. The Jackalpoe have come down from Wyoming and have been over breeding the lands and pushing the Chupakabra out. Once the head Jackalope heard the Chupakabra had put a hit out for his life he fled. Unknowingly the travel agent booking his flight to Stonehenge was actually working for the Wolfbat and booked the flight to the Stonehenge replica in Odessa, TX where the clan are awaiting his arrival. Check the video. Thanks Mario and thank you UTPB students. You guys rule.


Lubbock, TX ..Scout Mission Lubbock Lights and the Second Visit From Planet Wolfbat, April 12th 2011

In Lubbock, TX 1951 there were some of the most credible UFO sitings ever reported. Little did this small town know that this was a scout mission sent down from Planet Wolfbat to invade the Free Speech Zone at Texas Tech and free the minds of zombified humans in the area. Thanks Stacy and Texas Tech Students for making alien helmets and helping to land our Wolfbat space Vessel.



Jest for Wolfbats: All Fools Day, Kansas City, MO April 1, 2011

This event involved a lot. The guys at Escapist allowed me to have a show of work at their space so that was the end spot for the nights chaos. We built a Wolfbat War Vessel that started at the Inkubator where there were two alien pinatas built at Wichata State U. Sedlec Ossuary (metal band from Topeka) was set up inside the vessel and students from KCAI, Emporia State, and Wichita State showed up in Wolfbat warrior regalia. The local crowd from the first friday art walk gathered as we slayed the aliens and proceeded down the street with the band growling. The street was overrun and traffic had to move at the pace of the Wolfbat mob. After making our way to Escapist we slayed 3 more alien pinatas, burned a sacrificial war eagle in the street, and lit off tons of fireworks. Thank you Deluxe, Vans, and Volcom for filling the pinatas and the support. Thank you Ericka, James, and Miguel and Wichita State, KCAI, and Emporia state students for showing up and getting down. Thanks Dan and Escapist for the spot and support.



St. Louis, MO MAR 16 - 18 Wolfbat War Vessel and sacrifice of the fallen gods

This March in St. Louis there were tons of printmakers from all over in town for a printmaking conference. The last night everyone was in town Tom Huck was hosting a blowout at the Atomic Cowboy. In tribute to Hell Week and BFT, the Wolfbats built a war vessel to take the streets with and burn the heads of the fallen gods. Voyage of Slaves were inside the vessel setting the pace as rain soaked wofbat warriors marched on. Once we crashed the Atomics yard VOYAGE OF SLAVES played a set, we set off victory mortars, and blazed the gods. Thanks o everyone who stuck out the rain and raised hell that night. You guys rule.


Wind Weaver and The Whirling Wheel: A Tale of Wolfbat Romance- Jacksonville, FL FEB 28 - MAR 4 MOCA

Jacksonville, FL FEB 28 - MAR 4 Museum of Contemporary Art
This was a performance at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Jacksonville Florida. The performance was a wedding marrying the sky to the moon... revolving around Nordic characters. This was a collaboration between John Hancock, John Hitchcock, UNF students, Jenny Hager, Emily Author Douglas, and myself. The performance was followed by a procession. The whole crew was amazing and the students at UNF killed it.



Blood Ice Castle and Conjured Frost Giant.. February 11th 2011.. Madison, WI

The University of Wisconsin-Madison artist visit. The students UW each made helmets, axes, swords, and also helped to build the frost giant, blood ice castle, and Wolfbat Sled. After processioning through State St. we went out onto the frozen lake to conjure the great frost giant Ymir from his blood ice castle and had a ceremony of battle. So fun.
Video Here

Pics Here!!


Wolfbat Fortune told by the War Eagle of Bellingham Feb 4th 2011

Bellingham, Washington was so fun and the students there ruled...As part of the show at the Viking Union Gallery at Western Washington University the students and i performed a ceremony of processioning the War Eagle of Bellingham though campus and battling the bird to predict the fortune of future battles. All the students made costumes, helmets, and helped with the War Eagle(pinata). Thank you Western Washington University students! Thanks Allie



visit to USD... BURNING FIRE GIANTS ANS SACRIFICE!! Jan. 28th 2011

I just did a visit with the students at USD in Vermillion, SD. We built a sacrificial sculpture to the great fire giant LOKI. Everyone made masks, helmets, etc.... we burned the the sculpture at the end of the ceremony ....Thanks USD art students ... you guys ruuuuuule